Blockchain Technology Stocks: 10 Biggest Companies in 2023

Another financial company that is invested in the blockchain is Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina. The bank recently closed a 75 million pound corporate loan using Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. They engage in different sectors including private banking, asset management, retail banking, and wholesale banking. The platform helps restaurants and retailers manage inventory, view customer data and analyze multi-channel sales data within one system. In this brief, using CB Insights funding data, we dig into the blockchain investments these top corporations made from September 2021 to mid-June 2022.

  • A good way to gauge whether a project has potential is by looking at its roadmap.
  • Its Market cap soared above 1 Trillion – making it one of the top blockchain stocks to invest in.
  • Recently, we analyzed the top 100 banks investing in blockchain/crypto (by assets under management, AUM) to understand the key use cases they're backing and what new banks have entered the space over the last 10 months.
  • More so, it is a peer-to-peer platform that will help protect the marketers and media companies’ data.
  • As for traditional corporations (Samsung, Microsoft, etc.), they are already supportive of the blockchain landscape, as indicated by the funding trend over the years.

In recent years, IBM has sought to make its mark in the blockchain space as well. That being said, corporations are exploring specific use cases and portfolios that complement their core offerings. For instance, HERE Technologies invested in UNL, a blockchain-based location and mapping technology company, to implement blockchain-enabled security and transparency measures in a location/mapping setting. Blockchain’s potential is no longer the startup industry’s best kept secret.

The Blockchain 50: The top blockchain companies of 2022

Being one of the companies that are into the cryptocurrency sector – they might add multiple other cryptocurrencies in the future – bringing institutional clients a way to trade cryptocurrency hassle-free. However, beyond computers, Microsoft has also dabbled into blockchain technology, making it all the more relevant today. Mastercard stock had a small growth in the first quarter of 2023, but it’s currently up 10% in the last 6 months and 19% over the last year. With a 356 Billion market cap, many investors would probably see it as tempting, considering the market cap of its main competitor – Visa. Mastercard also holds multiple blockchain patents, making its stock a good option for your portfolio. With billions of customers worldwide, Mastercard is one of the companies with a bright future ahead in the Finance sector – and can even become a top player in the cryptocurrency sector.

They are testing financial applications using blockchain technology and have already worked hard towards improving its integration. They have also filed related patents on blockchain technology usage on the financial applications. Now that we have covered quite a bit about the blockchain, it is now time to see which companies are mostly interested in blockchain technology and are helping it grow to new heights. On the other hand, if we take cryptocurrencies, then blockchain might be in a good place.

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Cash App has more than 47 Million users, which can buy and transfer cryptocurrency at any time. Below we’ve picked a few blockchain technology companies that are publicly trading. By investing in the stocks of these companies, you could gain exposure to the blockchain technology that the crypto world is built on. The financial services sector is undergoing a profound digital disruption. From blockchain and AI to open banking APIs and IoT, emerging technologies are reshaping every aspect of banks, insurance companies, investment firms and beyond.

Biggest Blockchain ETFs in 2023

When harnessed strategically, fintech and blockchain present a chance to transform services, bolster capabilities and delight customers. Cultivate fintech skills like human-centered design, agile software development and lean startup thinking internally. Hire dedicated resources into a fintech innovation team to spearhead efforts. Make upskilling employees on digital trends a priority through training programs to drive adoption. Fintech has brought disruption and opportunity in equal measure to the financial sector. While a competitive angle exists, these innovations also dramatically allow banks and institutions to improve productivity, customer engagement and future readiness.

There are a lot of projects out there that are simply trying to cash in on the hype without actually providing any real value. Make sure that the project you're considering investing in is trying to solve a problem that people care about. The potential applications of blockchain are nearly limitless, and the ability to invest in blockchain projects is incredibly exciting. However, with so many blockchain projects to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth investing in. The blockchain is an important innovation in the world of cryptocurrency.

Apple is a computer technology giant that is working behind the door on blockchain technology. They are also working on using it in different sections of their business process, hotforex broker but the word is not out there on how they are going to approach the implementation process. The technology companies are also in the race for improving blockchain technology.

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But, at less than a year old, it's too soon to tell how this ETF will fare. Still, if you're looking for a way to invest in crypto without the extra complications of buying cryptocurrencies directly, this fund might be your ticket. As of January 2022, the top stocks in the First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Process ETF were semiconductor how to become a cybersecurity engineer in 2022 firms Micron Technology (MU -0.77%), AMD (AMD -3.4%), Nvidia, Danish shipping company A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S (AMKBY 1.7%), and Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH -0.27%). If a well-diversified portfolio containing a smattering of businesses dabbling in blockchain is what you desire, First Trust's ETF is worth a look.

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At its core, blockchain reduces the risk of fraud, corruption, or the tarnishing of data by a central authority. By democratizing access to information on an open ledger that everyone can see, the technology makes it nearly impossible for a single party to manipulate facts. As a retail investor, there are multiple ways to participate in this emerging technology. But first, let’s review the basics of blockchain and why it’s becoming crucial. It can be used to transfer funds between a PayPal account and an external blockchain wallet. This stablecoin has been around for less than three months, but you can already see how PayPal is starting to think about the future of money.

#9 Ceyuan Ventures

Leverage fintech platforms like Plaid to quickly integrate services using APIs. Digital transformation involves leveraging modern technologies like AI, big data, blockchain and mobile to reinvent customer experiences and internal processes in financial services. Similar to other thematic investments like electric vehicles or artificial intelligence, blockchain ETFs tend to come with additional sources of volatility. These risks can be market-related, such as pricing valuations or sudden changes in investors’ sentiment. BKCH invests in global companies participating in blockchain activities like digital asset mining and integration. BLCN owns global companies supporting the development and research of blockchain technology.

"Bitcoin should be the core position of everyone's digital asset/blockchain allocation," says Digital Asset Investment Management's Courchesne. "It's the only truly decentralized fixed supply asset that is global and will only get more scarce." It's a brokerage firm that connects buyers and sellers of major cryptocurrencies, and collects fees for each trade made. While its Bitcoin holdings have made the company far more valuable in recent months, it's also transferred the digital currency's volatility to shares. The company's convertible debt makes this an interesting and somewhat leveraged way to play Bitcoin, with a smallish, thriving tech company behind it as well. Sweeter fortunes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should help boost NVDA's bottom line.

However, we can also see the situation from a different scope where the company’s investment impacts the hype surrounding blockchain. While central banks around the world are considering how to integrate regulated digital currencies into the current financial system, cryptocurrencies are still inherently vulnerable to instability. Shopify participated in the US$24 million Series A funding round for startup Thirdweb, which has created a development toolkit for building and launching Web3 products such as blockchain games, NFTs and marketplaces. More recently, Shopify launched a suite of blockchain commerce tools for merchants on its platform. As for traditional corporations (Samsung, Microsoft, etc.), they are already supportive of the blockchain landscape, as indicated by the funding trend over the years.

Also, Nvidia’s technology can be used to create supercomputers, which can help create an ultimate blockchain used worldwide. Its Market cap soared above 1 Trillion – making it one of the top blockchain stocks to invest in. Quantstamp, a blockchain security ig broker review firm, is one of the companies the Japanese bank is backing. The Spanish lender's list includes Covault, whose technology is used to store, share and verify identities. The Dutch multinational has backed HQLAx, a blockchain liquidity management platform.